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Hebrew for "Close/Contact Combat" Krav Maga has become the most sought after form of self-defense training, drawing from from a variety of proven fighting techniques to effectively and efficiently teach students the best self-defense skills.  We don’t teach self-defense for rank and glory, but rather to keep people safe, healthy, and prepared to prevail in the face of violence.


Kick it into high gear and sweat your gloves off with this energetic class that teaches boxing, kickboxing and mma combos with a twist! Challenge yourself with this head to toe workout that uses a variety of blood pumping moves. Get ready to sweat and torch major calories all while having a blast! All levels welcome! (Boxing gloves REQUIRED - sweat towel recommended!)


Being knocked to the ground can be a vulnerable position to be in and simply standing-up may not be an option.  Our students will learn how to utilize the best grappling techniques to subdue, attack, and escape real-world situations. We will explore fundamentals and techniques, multiple aggressors, the access of tools, and what to do when your attacker will not quit due to the effects of adrenaline.


Sparology is a fun way for all levels to engage in offensive and defensive kickboxing training in a safe, ego free manner resulting in better recognition of attacks, defensive tactics and counter measures.  PLUS it's a great workout!  Participants can train like a fighter without the concussions! (APPROVED boxing gloves & shin guards are required for this class)


Kravology blends our Krav Maga, Sparology Kickboxing and Grappling programs to bring together all of the training modalities we offer.  (APPROVED boxing gloves & shin guards are required for this class)