group classes:

Krav Maga L1 +

This is a great class for students just starting out AND experienced students looking to lock in the basic skills and principles related to Krav Maga training!  The focus of this class is on building tactile sensitivity, de-escalation, pre-emptive striking and dealing with common hands on attacks from both standing and on the ground!

Heavy Bag Fit

Kick it into high gear and sweat your gloves off with this energetic class that teaches boxing, kickboxing and mma combos with a twist! Challenge yourself with this head to toe workout that uses a variety of blood pumping moves. Get ready to sweat and torch major calories all while having a blast! All levels welcome! (Boxing gloves REQUIRED - sweat towel recommended!)

Krav Maga L2 +

These classes are for students that have successfully completed and passed the Level 1 test.  In these classes we continue to build from the principles learned in L1 and apply them to deal with more threatening and dangerous situations.

Mitt Mania

Mitt Mania classes take boxing and kickboxing combos and apply them to focus mitts and thai pads, giving the participant a fighter-esque training experience MINUS the concussions and bruises! All levels welcome! (Boxing gloves REQUIRED)


This is NOT a beat the crap out of each other, meathead personality class.  Sparology is a fun way for all levels to engage in offensive and defensive, 1 to 1 exchanges in a safe, ego free manner resulting in better recognition of attacks, defensive tactics and counter measures.  PLUS it's a great workout!  Participants can train like a fighter without the concussions! (APPROVED boxing gloves & shin guards are required for this class)