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Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions are for the member, paying party, participant and/or guardian - all hereinto referred to as "Buyer." By purchasing any “Service” including but not limited to unlimited memberships (monthly, weekly or month to month), class packs, training packages, private session training packages or event tickets, the buyer understands they are agreeing to, and they are locking into the outlined terms of the purchase that are listed in the service description, including the additional terms and conditions outlined below.


Purchased memberships (excluding month to month, class packs and personal training packs) are eligible for a freeze for a max of 60 days (unless a health issue requires longer per a written doctor’s recommendation) and can only be cancelled for health reasons that prevent any type of participation (doctor's note required), or if the buyer moves more than 15 miles from their current location (proof of move required).  NO REFUNDS will be issued for unused time.  With the purchase of any unlimited membership, the buyer accepts that the cancellation fee will be one final term payment.  If the buyer wishes to cancel their membership at the end of the term, the buyer MUST submit a request to cancel at least 30 days prior to the term end date.  Month to Month memberships MUST BE cancelled at least 30 days prior to the next billing date.  Any notice of cancellation issued with less than 30 days notice will result in one final charge at the current membership rate.  Cancellation requests MUST be sent via certified mail to Rise Training Center. Class Packs and Personal Training Packs are non-refundable and are also non-transferable unless to a member of the same household. 


Buyer is responsible for updating any credit card or debit card changes by logging into their member profile at RISEKRAV.COM (not in the app) and updating their payment details.  If the billing method is not updated BEFORE the billing date, the service will be cancelled and repurchase will be at the current price plus any fees attached to a service.  Services are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Buyer accepts ALL RISKS, INJURIES, ILLNESS, and possible DEATH that could potentially occur in participating in any offered services provided by Rise Training Center, its coaches, affiliates or colleagues.  Buyer is strongly encouraged to make sure they are medically cleared for physical activity by a licensed medical professional prior to engaging in any training or physical activity.  Buyer confirms they fully accept all risks (including negligence from any party), and Buyer agrees to NOT hold Rise Training Center accountable nor hold any family, coaches, affiliates, members, or students accountable or liable.


With any purchase, the Buyer also consents to allow the use of their image in pictures and video clips for promotional use.


By checking the “I've read and accept the plan policy” box, you are in agreement with ALL of the terms & conditions above.

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